3 Steps To Make Effective Use Of Facebook For Bloggers

Blogging is a tough journey initially, but as you get experience, you will get each and every idea and tricks behind the way of success. But you should be very careful in selecting the correct way of success- one small mistake can cause you nothing but your valuable time. Here I am going to provide you the important tips on effective use of Facebook for your blogging success.

Android App Used By Bloggers

As a newbie in the blogging world, you may not be well aware of the tinniest details of blogging, therefore, it is significant that you remain aware about the apps that may help you out and pay you in the long run. With these Android apps, you can blog while using smartphone Android devices. Now, as we all know, Android is the best and top-ranked smartphone mobile OS of this era! Android is well known for its remarkable application support. Following are few amazing Android apps that you may use for blogging purpose.

How to Add Secondary Hard Drive

How to Add Secondary Hard Drive
In this DIY tutorial, we are going to describe the process involved in Adding a Secondary Hard Disk and formatting it. A secondary hard drive refers to addition of a Hard Disk to a computer. When you connect a secondary hard disk, it is detected by the computer in BIOS as well as the Operating System. But it is not listed in the My Computer. So it needs to be formatted.

Is Losing Weight Really So Difficult for Freelancers / Bloggers?

The transformation from offline to online scenario has hit the medical world as well. Gone are the days when one needed to visit dietitians in order to stay fit. The high-tech devices, paramount exposure to online facilities and new innovations like Weight Watchers and Bistro MD have altogether changed the way we look at the things. The globe has turned to online business methods and this force the people to stay with their tablets and laptops for a prolonged period of time, resulting in over-weight problems.


Undo the previous action in programs
Probably the most useful keyboard shortcut of all, Ctrl+Z lets you instantly undo mistakes you make in almost any Windows program. These range from deleting a chunk of text in Microsoft Word to messing up a photo in an image editor or pasting the wrong web address into your browser. Pressing the key combination reverses only the most recent action, but in some software, if you keep hitting Z while holding down Ctrl, you can undo the actions previous to that. Alternatively, you can click the Edit menu and choose Undo from there, although certain programs, including Chrome, don't provide that option.