Android App Used By Bloggers

As a newbie in the blogging world, you may not be well aware of the tinniest details of blogging, therefore, it is significant that you remain aware about the apps that may help you out and pay you in the long run. With these Android apps, you can blog while using smartphone Android devices. Now, as we all know, Android is the best and top-ranked smartphone mobile OS of this era! Android is well known for its remarkable application support. Following are few amazing Android apps that you may use for blogging purpose.

1.  WordPress: 
This one is my favorite, too! WordPress recently launched an amazing Android app that bloggers can use to blog via their smartphones. These days a lot of bloggers are making use of WordPress App to blog throughout the world. Through WordPress Android blogging app, you can now blog from anywhere through your Android mobile phone easily! You can publish blog posts and can make comments, reply to comments etc. Through WordPress Android app, you can directly and quickly publish the blog posts. Through wordpress Android app, you can also check and stay up-to-date with the blog statistics and visitors. You can download WordPress Android app easily and without any charges.

2. Blogger App

 Blogger is anew app that is created by Google for the Android users and makes mobile blogging a fun filled experience for the bloggers! Bloggers all around the world are making use of this amazing app and are managing their blogs within minutes. Blogger allows you to create categories, do rich posting through a nice editor and add tags. Moreover, this app also offers several languages. This app is also available for free.

3. Google Analytics

Bloggers are using this app widely to keep a keen check onto their blog progress. Now Google has made life easier for the bloggers and have launched Android app of Google Analytics! So, you can keep an eye on the traffic coming to your blog from your Android mobile device. The best thing about Google analytics is its easy to use features.

4. Evernote

 This is a very simple app that can also be used for the purpose of blogging. However, Evernote can be used for any task! Whether you want to note down the lecture or do anything else to keep a reminder or list, you can easily do via Evernote app! Now Evernote is also present for Android mobile usage!

5. HootSuite

 This a nice app that you may used in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook. You can use it to schedule your tweets and connect to other social networking options too.