Google Secrets

Friends Let's start some fun with GOOGLE "I'm feeling lucky"...

Just copy or type in google text box then click on I'm feeling lucky..

And see some more fun....
1- google terminal

2- google gravity

3- google mirror

4- Love meter

5- Epic google

6- google rainbow

7- google pacman

8- google sphere

9- Google Barrel Roll

10- Let me Google that for you

11- Google Tilt or Askew

12- google ninja

13- All the Google Doodles

14- Recursion

15- Google’s Nessie

16- Flight Simulator

17- Google MentalPlex

18- Google Anagram

19- Annoying Google

20- Weenie Google

21- Chicken Rolling

22- The disappearing “OO”

for using this all google code's first open google
then these code's in google texotbox after that click on
"i'm feeling lucky"
after this look some fun.....